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It’s been a long time since my last post. I have been busy with work, and (thanks to IPR) could not post anything. This post is about a much needed feature in IDA Pro (specifically the wingraph32 utility), saving the graph as an image.

IDA Pro provides an interesting feature to view the disassembly of a function as a flowchart. The flowchart shows the function in the form of a control flow graph, where each node in the graph represents a basic block and each edge represents a control transfer. In many instances, one would like to export it as an image. However, the wingraph32 utility does not provide such an option.

A graph shown by wingraph32

The graph can be exported from IDA Pro (or from wingraoh32) as a .gdl (graph description language) file. GDL file is a text representation of graph, and can be opened using a text editor. It can be converted into an image using the Graph::Easy CPAN module.

To convert it into a PNG (or any other format) image, first install the Graph::Easy CPAN module. It requires Graphviz to run, so install that as well.

cpan Graph::Easy

Then, convert the .gdl file to an image.

graph-easy --from gdl --input=graph.gdl --png --output=graph.png

This is how the final image of the above graph looks like.

Graph produced by graph_easy